We have many services which include standard nutrition, nutrition and exercise, and customized packages as followed:

Services we offer:
- Macro-based Nutrition                                                                             - Motivational Content
- Online Training (Video Package)                                                            - Social Media Interaction
- Accountability weekly check-ins                                                             - Optional Meal plans (Certain Stipulations Apply)
- Scheduled Trainings (local- in person, non-local on phone)            - TextNow (Certain Times Apply)
- Scheduled Zoom Calls (one-on-one/subscriptions                             - Company Wellness Programs
- Zoom Call Support Groups                                                                       - Month-to-Month No Contract Plans
- Lifestyle Coordinator Assistance                                                             - Packages- Postpartum, Wedding, VIP
- Workout Challenges                                                                                   - Track-able Fitness Apps
- AP Customwear                                                                                           - Affirmations
- Partnerships in Wellness                                                                           - Food Suggestions
- Supplemental Wellness
All of our packages come with these services, as well as package perks!
Standard Nutrition- $175.00/month
Standard Nutrition and Exercise- $250.00/month
VIP Package: $350.00/month
. 2x Weekly Phone Calls
. Motivational Texts/Messages
. TextNow
. AP Gear
Postpartum Package: $350.00/month
Available in 3,6,9,12 Months
. Customized Workouts at Home or in Gym
. Macros for the Nursing Mom
. One-on-One Meeting with Lifestyle Coordinator
. Welcome Gift for New Mom
. TextNow
Wedding Package:
Available in 3,6,9 Months
. Customized Meal Plans
. Video Workouts
. Bridal Gear
. Cardio Burn
. TextNow